AGFLEX service agreements provide a guaranteed recommendation for fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium) rates applied to corn crops grown for grain or silage.

Here's how the program works.  First, an AGFLEX-approved crop advisor recommends a fertilizer rate conforming to BMPs developed by state agencies where the acreage is located.  The producer applies the rate of fertilizer specified in the BMP, and his or her usual amount on a check, or comparison strip.

At crop maturity, if the producer believes yield is low because of insufficient fertilizer, he or she can request a formal assessment.  A professional then compares the yield on the check strip to the yield on a directly adjacent portion of the field.  If the difference in the yield is greater than the savings in fertilizer, the producer is compensated.

AGFLEX programs can help you meet your goals of providing excellent service and accurate recommendations to your customers, while earning income from providing these valuable services and protecting your customer's income.  Learn how you can participate by contacting Agflex.

Note: AGFLEX is a commercial service company. AGFLEX is not an insurance company, nor an insurance agent. AGFLEX does not offer nor sell insurance or provide insurance advice. AGFLEX and COST CUTTER services are not covered under any state insurance guaranty fund. The AGFLEX service is only part of a grower’s comprehensive crop management program which may also include the purchase of state or federal crop insurance from a licensed and authorized insurance agent.