Agflex exists to protect farmers and their advisors from the economic risks associated with Best Management Practices (BMPs).

BMPs are designed by university experts and others to save farmers money over time.  BMPs can reduce fertilizer and pesticide input use, reducing costs and waste and improving stewardship.

Agflex develops and markets innovative programs designed to minimize risks farmers face when adopting BMPs.  These BMPs, including Integrated Pest Management (IPM), could save producers more than $8 billion annually in agrochemical input costs but are not adopted in large part due to risk.

Our products compensate farmers when failures of these practices result in yield losses, thus removing risk as a barrier to adoption.

Agflex provides consulting, research and implementation services to government and non-governmental agencies, crop insurers, agchem retailers and others working to reduce environmental impacts of agriculture and improve ag-sector income.

Agflex and its principals have served the following clients: Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance, Iowa Department of Economic Development, IGF Insurance, Monsanto, Farm*A*Syst, US Department of Agriculture, US Environmental Protection Agency, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and others.

Agflex staff represents more than 100 years of experience in agricultural policy, research and development, including design and implementation of marketing strategies for these unique financial risk management products.

Tom Green, President.  Since 1973, Tom has worked in agriculture including managing an apple orchard and serving in the Massachusetts Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for tree fruit.  In 1980, he founded an IPM supply business that he grew to $1.6 million in annual sales, now part of GEMPLER'S, Inc., a national agricultural supplier.  Tom currently serves on the boards of the IPM Institute of North America and the National Foundation for IPM Education, and is co-chair of the Fifth National IPM Symposium and Workshop to be held in April 2006.  In 2003, he received the US EPA Region 5 Award of Recognition for outstanding efforts to promote school IPM within Wisconsin and nationally. He also received the Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Award in 2000 and 2001 from the Wisconsin Small Business Innovation Consortium.  He has authored more than 40 articles in trade and professional publications and presented at more than 50 professional meetings.  Tom is responsible for overall business planning and development for Agflex.  Tom holds a Ph.D. in entomology (1992, University of Massachusetts).  Phone: (608) 232-1410, E-mail:

Agflex collaborators include the Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center (ACIC), a project of the American Farmland Trust, Agren Inc., the IPM Institute of North America and IPM Works LLC, with current or past support from the following:

Alex C. Walker Foundation
Altria Foundation
American Farmland Trust
Great Lakes Protection Fund
Iowa Department of Economic Development
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Iowa Farm Bureau Financial Services
Joyce Foundation
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
USDA Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service Small Business Innovative Research Program
USDA National Soil Tilth Lab
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
USDA North Central IPM Center
USDA Risk Management Agency
US Environmental Protection Agency
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
University of Wisconsin

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Agflex is a corporation with offices in Wisconsin.  DUNS Number: 13-174-4372, Federal Employer ID: 42-1508832.